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confRoomA “Hartman Closing” is designed to be efficient, informative, and memorable. If you’re a first time homebuyer, we want you to be pleasantly surprised at how easy and unintimidating your first closing turned out to be. If you’re a seasoned lender or real estate professional, we expect to deliver a first class experience to you – one that will also reflect positively on you in the eyes of your customers.

We may have asked you to visit this page to fill out a form and send it back securely to a member of our team. In addition to our common forms, below you’ll also find other helpful resources.

Buyer information form (PDF)
Seller information form (PDF)
Authorization to Obtain Mortgage Payoff (PDF)
NetSheets – our App to help Lenders and Agents estimate amounts needed for (or netted from) the closing
Title Insurance Rate Calculator
When Can I Close? A closing timing helpsheet (effective 10/3/15) (PDF)
The 2015 Hartman TRID Handbook (PDF)
Hartman-Imbriale, LLP Privacy Policy (PDF | 32k)
Filing for Georgia Property Tax Homestead Exemption (PDF | 180k)
An IRS form W-9 (all Sellers must complete and return to our firm)(PDF | 119k)